A.D. Police Files Season 1

Season 1

A.D. Police Files Season 1

First Air Date: May 25, 1990

First Aired on    :   1990
Episodes    :   3 episodes

MegaTokyo, 2027. Relentless technological development has resulted in the creation of Boomers, artificially intelligent androids with the potential to free mankind from physical labor; but anything that can be used can also be misused.


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1x03 The Man Who Bites His Tongue (November 22, 1990)

AD Police officer Billy Fonward, 28, male, was critically wounded in a battle with a defective Boomer on the run. However, he was subjected to an experimental cybernetics operation which miraculously brought him back to life. With the exception of his brain and some of his internal organs, his body parts were completely replaced with mechanical substitutes, which transmit senses in the form of electrical information, thus leaving him with only his tongue to "feel" like a human being. The use of optional weapons and protectors enables him to work with highly dangerous cases without being affected by pain, consequently keeping him calm and decisive under any situation. After returning to work, Billy is promoted two ranks to become an AD Police Special Weapons Team Commander. He is, in effect, the first experimental subject to become an anti-Boomer Cyborg Police Officer. But Billy couldn't be a hero...

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1x02 The Ripper (August 24, 1990)

With the development of a new electromagnetic induced train system, the old subway has lost it's credibility, becoming a seedy haven for prostitution and drug-dealings called "Paradise Loop". Recently, a string of murders have broke out in this area. The victims, all prostitutes, are found with their abdomens slashed open by some sharp instrument in the same manner. Why does the murderer only chose prostitutes? Can this hideous crime be committed by a human being? Or is a Boomer responsible for the killings? Soon, the investigation leads to a woman who seemingly has no connection to the crime whatsoever...

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1x01 The Phantom Woman (May 25, 1990)

Tokyo 2027 AD - After suffering a colossal earthquake, the devastated capital is now a huge slum district vandalized by the evil Boomers, an artificial life form born as a result of biotechnology gone wrong. In order to put a stop to their atrocious crimes, the police has organized a special task force unit armed with state-of-the-art technology. They are Advanced Police, or as people usually refer to, AD Police. The story is a recording of their cases, filled with madness, blood and gun smoke. In the first episode, "The Phantom Woman", our protagonist Leon encounters a female Boomer illegally reactivated after being shot to death, by him. And the only wish she has is to be shot to death again by Leon...

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