Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Specials


Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Specials

First Air Date: December 28, 2004

First Aired on    :   2004
Episodes    :   2 episodes

The Au Revoir story sees the remaining six working in a British Embassy somewhere in central Africa that is about to be overrun by rioters. Most of them escape uninjured.


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0x02 Au Revoir Part 2 (December 29, 2004)

Barry is missing: taken hostage, his captors demand a ransom of £100,000. When the rest of the lads set out to find him, they meet a man who claims to know where Barry is being held. He drives them into the jungle to find Barry, but it's a set-up and they are all taken hostage.

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0x01 Au Revoir Part 1 (December 28, 2004)

As work draws to a close on the Australian embassy in Laos, southeast Asia, the boys are left tired. The constant rioting outside has not helped, but after all, that's the reason the embassy needed tarting up. Wyman has not enjoyed Laos - nothing at all worth pulling. Not that all of the lads have been unlucky in that department; Oz managed to get fruity with a PA from the embassy, but in the course of this romantic liaison he has received a rather embarrassing injury which makes it painful to sit down. As the lads debate their future, a letter arrives from Bomber: he has decided it is time to hang up his trowel for good and settle down with Paulie and Lainie. The lads realise that they are drifting apart as a group and decide to cap of their whole adventure with a blow out in Bangkok.

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