Foyle's War Series 8

Series 8

Foyle's War Series 8

First Air Date: March 24, 2013

First Aired on    :   2013
Episodes    :   3 episodes

World War II is over, but the Cold War simmers in 1946 London. DCS Christopher Foyle has retired from police work when Britain's secret intelligence service compels him to join its ranks. Reunited with his former colleague, newlywed Sam Wainwright, Foyle faces new-but no less deadly-threats in the world of spies and counterintelligence.


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8x03 Sunflower (April 07, 2013)

Foyle finds himself beingdrawn into the strange murder of an ex-Nazi defector and leading expert on Soviet intelligence who had been working for MI5. Sam’s husband, Adam, is pre-occupied with his new political jobleaving her concerned that she’ll be able to share some huge news with him.

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8x02 The Cage (March 31, 2013)

Foyle investigates the death of a Russian and it ends up leading to a mysterious military facility run by a Colonel with an impeccable war record.

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8x01 The Eternity Ring (March 24, 2013)

Foyle is now working in a different new role working for British Secret Intelligence. As the iron curtain falls across Europe, MI5 believe that British atomic research has been infiltrated, and ask Foyle to investigate whether a Russian spy network could be at work in London.

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