Celebrity Bootcamp Season 1

Season 1

Celebrity Bootcamp Season 1

First Air Date: September 30, 2002

First Aired on    :   2002
Episodes    :   1 episodes


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1x01 Boot Camp 2 Hour Special (September 30, 2002)

These 10 QC's had no idea what the hell they had gotten themselves into. They were laughing and joking on their 3:30am bus ride into camp. They have big smiles as the DI's board the bus. With in 1.06 seconds there was not a pearly white to be seen. The DI's wiped the smiles off their faces quick, fast, and in a hurry. I thought Kato was going to cry. They are brought into the processing room… to be processed…. They line up and are told, one at a time. Wait, They aren't told, they are screamed at. Up in your face, spit flying in your eye, hot breath up your nose: SCREAMED AT!!!! DUMP YOUR SUITECASES OUT NOW. 1) They make Vitamin C balance her make-up bag on her head 2) They make Bingham put on the knee high, bright pink, pleather boots she brought to boot camp. 3) They question Barry about his wedding band. All goes well until Barry says ""Yes Ma'am""….. to one of the MALE DI's. Much in your face screaming ensues. 4) They make Tiffany sing: ""I think we're alone now there doesn'

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