The Cut Season 1

Season 1

The Cut Season 1

First Air Date: September 19, 2009

First Aired on    :   2009
Episodes    :   1 episodes


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1x01 Rewind Me (September 19, 2009)

Jay is leaning against a wall watching the trains go by whilst his friend Fin spray paints the wall. He starts talking to Fin about the trains and where they're going and where the furtest they've ever been away is. Fin walks towards Jay revealing that se was painting the words 'NO ESCAPE' on the wall. She tells him that running away won't solve anything. Jay says it not about running away but what he'd do if 'she' wouldn't take her back and Fin claims that she just needs time. They hear sirens and start running in different directions. There's a knock on the door and Jay's lying in bed. Someone answers it and you hear the police through the door. Quickly and quietly Jay sneaks out of bed, gets dressed, runs upstairs and back down out of the house. Where he runs into the police officer after him. As Jay tries to get over the walls the officer asks Jay if he thinks he's stupid. Jay just says 'hi' as if he knows him very well. Jay's following Officer Reynolds into a mortuary. They're standing on either side of a covered table and Reynolds pulls back the cloth to reveal a bearded man. Once looking at the man, Jay shakes his head to say he doesn't know the man. Jay is at the police station behing asked by Officer Reynolds about the man and what he knows about him. Jay says he's never seen the ma in his life. However Reynolds then tells him they found Jay's birth certificate on the dead man and Jay learns that his last name is actually Kelso. Jay is talking to Fin about te man. He tells her they had no idea who the guy was, he had no id, mothing but the birth certificate. Fin then asks how he had Jay's birth certificate. Jay says that they found out it was him because they checked with social services and that it turns out he wasn't born anywhere near where they live now. Fin asks about his mother and Jay says that they wouldn't tell him anything over the phone and they just wan't him to go and meet them in London. Jay tels Fin that he'll come back and he wants her to look out for Lily whilst he's gone. Marla is out jogging and runs home, when she knocks on the door there is no answer so she calls out for her mum to answer when a black car pulls up behind her. Mack, Marla's father, gets out of the car. Marla notices a cut on his cheek and asks him how he got it, to which he says that he did it shaving. Marla asks where mum is and Mack says that she's not up there, that she's gone out 'cause she's an 'early bird'. Mack looks in the fridge saying he's got some lovely pork in there and Marla tells him she's still a vegan. He asks her what a vegan is and she tells him no meat, no fish or dairy. So he asks her what she does eat and she says soya, she's makes her own. She asks him what really happened to his face and he says that he and her mum had a row. SHe asks him wat they were arguing about and where she's gone but he won't tell her. He tells Marla not to tell Stephen about their mum 'because he's not as tough as her'. Mack walks out ofthe house when Toni comes along asking how many places he owns now. He goes on pointing out that he owns most of the properties around the place and that he'll get theirs as well. But Toni stands her ground saying he won't get their place. He continues saying he's got number nine now too, but Toni claims they'd never sell to him, and they didn't but when Mack threw some money at the council loopholes appeared and the place was his. Toni tries to get him to show a little empathy as he's just evicted a whole family. Someone's at the Mackinnon's door and Marla answers, it's a beautiful, young woman asking for Mack. Marla asks her who she is and the woman replies that she doesn't look like his type. Marla tells her that she's exactly his type and she's his daughter, and the woman relaxes then saying that he talks about her all the time and asking if he's mentioned her. Marla asks her what she wants and she says that she left something but it's not important and she'll just get it later. Marla then goes upstairs and finds that the woman had left her knickers and then Marla knows that her dad has been cheating on her mum. Olive is filming herself when Toni walks in saying they've got customers, but Olive says that Toni was meant to covert this morning, but Toni says that it's too busy just for her, so Olive asks for ten minutes. Olive goes back to filming herself talking about presents and surprises. She goes outside and continues filming herself only know she's talking about leaving and the Mackinnon family, and it's now obvious that the person she's filming the video for is a Mackinnon. She then starts talking about a birthday and back to talking about a present. That she wouldn't see him on his birthday and that she thought the video would be a nice surprise. She then goes to post the video. Stephen goes to collect his birthday cards finding one that sayd 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOSER' and a guy next to him that makes it obvious it's from him. The guy asks if he has any plans. Stephen grabs his post and replies that he does't. The guy then says that he could hang out with him and the guys and go to the primary school and see if Stephen could pick any more young girls. Stephen just walks off. Stephen is in an english class looking at his cards and there is one with flowers on the front, as he looks at it a girl looks over and smiles at him showing the card is from her. The teacher asks the class what the poet is talking about and the bully from before says that he's talking about a flea. The teacher points out that this is obvious as the title is 'The Flea'. The teacher then asks Stephen and he explains that the poem is about love and sex, that it's a metaphor. At the end of class the teacher calls Stephen back and asks him when his interview is, telling him that not very many people get a second interview at Oxbridge and asks Stephen to promise him that he'll go. He tells Stephen that heshouldn't let the idiots in the school hold him back and that he's 'dazlingly bright' after which Stephen just walks out. Stephen is looking through his post and finds Olive's video, he sits on his bed watching it. As he's watching the video he looks up and says to himself that he's just got to find a way to get out. Stephen is walking through the halls of the college and bumps into his bully, and punches him. He then just walks off and out of the college. As hes leaving the teacher from before comes after him telling him that it was assault and they'll have to suspend hi for it. Stephen tells the teacher that he's done and walks off. Marla is in the kitchen ancing to the radio when her dad walks in. She tells him that Stephen's coming home in a couple of hours, Mack asks her why and she tells him that the school gave him a couple of weeks off for his Oxford interview. Mack then points to all the nice cutlery and plates and candlesticks and asks what it's all for which Marla replies that it's Stephen's 18th and she thought someone should do something. Mack asks her how what she was planning to do and how he can help. Marla tells him that she's planning a 'slap-up meal' with silver service at which Mack asks her where she plans for the silver service to come from. Olive and Toni are in the cafe talking. Olive is saying that she doesn't want to do it as it's degrading, and Toni argues that it won't be that bad and they need the money. Olive claims that she'd rather work ten straight shifts at the cafe than serve that loser. Toni tels her they'll pay them a fortune for doing it. Olive tells her she's not doing it but Toni tells her she is. Olive then storms upstairs to her bedroom. Stephen is walking out of the train station and Marla is sitting on her bed looking at a picture of her mother. Marla and Mack are sitting at the kitchen table when Marla asks him where her mum's gone to which Mack just replies that he doesn't know. marla then asks hi if she found out that he was having an affair and he tells her that that's none of her business. Marla tells him that she keeps trying to call her but she isn't picking up and Mack tells her that she had said she wanted some space. Marla tells him that Stephen's going to want her there for his birthday and that she wants her there too but Mack just says that she didn't Stephen was coming home and Marla would jst have to make do with the three of them. Marla tels her dad that she hates him and he leaves the table. Jay gets off of a train, onto the platform and walks off. Toni shows up at the Mackinnons and Marla answers the door, when she sees Toni she compliments her outfit and asks where Olive is. Olive is in her room sitting on her bed reading when there's a tap at the window as stones are thrown at it. She gets up and opens the window, smiling when she sees it's Stephen and waves him to come up the ladder outside her window. Jay is walking through the streets of London looking for something. Stephen climbs into Olive's room who's smiling at the fact that he's back. She tells him that Toni isn't there, she;s round his as they're meant to be catering for his birthday surprise. Stephen asks if she's joking but she just tells him that Marla booked them and that she thinks marla knows abot them. Stephen assures her that Marla doesn't know and they kiss. Olive tells him that he should get over there, he asks her why and she because it's his birthday party. Stephen tells her that he'd rather celebrate it with her and they kiss again. Olive tells him that she got him a present and asks if they can go out as she's been inside all day. Jay's walking down the street when he sees Mack get hit over the head with a bat by a hooded figure. Jay calls out and scares off the man. Jay checks on Mack who is bleeding from the head.

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