Honey West Specials


Honey West Specials

First Air Date: April 21, 1965

First Aired on    :   1965
Episodes    :   1 episodes


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0x01 Who Killed The Jackpot? (intro Honey West) (April 21, 1965)

When a wealthy banker is found murdered in a seedy hotel, it becomes a race to see who will catch the killer first - Burke or glamorous private eye Honey West, who had been hired by the victim. The banker had been planning on skipping the country with a huge amount of cash, now missing, along with his gun. Was his wife, the sleazy yacht owner she was involved with, the dead man's attorney, his very ""faithful"" secretary, or a local scuba diver in on the deal? Which was the killer? Will Burke or Honey figure out the crime first - and will they survive (one suspect already has been murdered!)?

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