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By: Zuphorian

Here I have compiled my guide to movies coming in 2019. It is not a complete guide by no means, there are a few choice ones like 'Independence Day 3' , '143', 'The Rhythm Section', 'After', ' The Curse of La Llorona', missing. But it is a guide to what my Friends, Family and I will be sitting back to enjoy - popcorn in one hand, fizzy drink/Beer in the other this coming 2019. Kudos to the sites I obtained the references from, - MovieWeb - -, and of course The content within is full of New Releases, Sequels, and Remakes. Animated, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Crime, and Superheroes. So! I'll not bore ye any longer with my banter and say to one and all "Enjoy my selection". Regards. . . Zuphorian