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LIST: Massacre Movie Holocaust! DESCRIPTION: This is a list of every "Massacre" movie I can think of right now. I'll add more to the list when I discover or remember them, Lol! List curated by: Ben Splatter IV (June 2022) ___________________________________________________________________________ The World Famous Coffin⚰️Video is the oldest, Horror and XXX only, video rental store still running strong in the US. Located in Hollywood, SC since 1983, Coffin⚰️Video flaunts a massive collection of some of the bloodiest, goriest, most perverted hard to find, and rare videos ever produced. Check us out online at Browse our collection of Coffin Custom VHS Tapes! Follow Coffin⚰️Video on IG & Twitter: @coffinvideo1983 | #CoffinVideo Visit Coffin Video Online! -or- Contact Us! ©1983 CoffinVideo