snowed-in-our-favorite-winter-movies poster


By: cocaa88

Winter is here, and we’re celebrating by…well, staying indoors. It’s cold outside, for one thing. Plus, there’s wind, rain, snow, and we think we saw a vicious groundhog. No, thanks! To celebrate of winter of contentedly never leaving the house, we collaborated (remotely) with out friends at Fandango and Vudu for our favorite snowed-in movies across all genres. This means movies that bury us in the white stuff (Snowpiercer, The Hateful Eight), feature famous snow scenes (The Empire Strikes Back, Monsters, Inc.), hit hard with winter sports (Goon, Eddie the Eagle), are set during the season (Groundhog Day), and evoke that special melancholy mood (Edward Scissorhands, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless ). Enjoy this platter of movies best seen chilled, and head on to Vudu’s collection page for purchase and rental!