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By: Filmer2021

Alright, as I have spent many hours on this projekt, so are we going to have a little look on the history of of documentaries in this description. And we see that even in the beginning (Around 1910), so was it made many films where the director wanted to educate and explore many for them self untouched areas. Many films from this period are therefore made in Asia and Africa, who gave a very and romanticized view for Western Europe and American. Yes, you see it for example in the 1922 documentary "Nanook of the North", who is partially credited for introducing the concept of "narrative structure" to a non-fiction film, because when the director Robert Flaherty was struggling to film real subjects in their environment, so did he stage some scenes in a studio, so it was possible to see that their was Documentaries have also had a central importance in propaganda and politics. Leni Riefenstahl's movies are for exempel a startling reminder of the power of movies as a medium to enthrall and influence a audience. And even modern documentaries are often focused on exposing social issues and rallying viewers behind a certain political attitude or opinion. There would then be no surprise to you - that many of the documentaries in this ranking are also considered among the Worlds Greatest Movies. But let this be very clear. All dokumentorys in this list are therefore ONLY the ones that I consider as The World's Greatest