1st-academy-awards-oscars-1929 poster


By: kostovd

<br/>Awards <br/>Winners are listed first <br/> <br/>* 1. Outstanding Picture (Best Picture) <br/>Wings - Lucien Hubbard <br/>The Racket - Howard Hughes <br/>Seventh Heaven - William Fox <br/> <br/>* 2. Unique and Artistic Production <br/>Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans - William Fox <br/>Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness - Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack <br/>The Crowd - Irving Thalberg <br/> <br/>* 3. Best Director, Comedy Picture (Best Directing) <br/>Lewis Milestone – Two Arabian Knights <br/>Ted Wilde – Speedy <br/> <br/>* 4. Best Director, Dramatic Picture (Best Directing) <br/>Frank Borzage – Seventh Heaven <br/>Herbert Brenon – Sorrell and Son <br/>King Vidor – The Crowd <br/> <br/>* 5. Best Actor in a Leading Role (Best Actor) <br/>Emil Jannings – The Last Command and The Way of All Flesh <br/>Richard Barthelmess – The Noose and The Patent Leather Kid <br/> <br/>* 6. Best Actress in a Leading Role (Best Actress) <br/>Janet Gaynor – Seventh Heaven, Street Angel and Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans <br/>Louise Dresser – A Ship Comes In <br/>Gloria Swanson – Sadie Thompson <br/> <br/>* 7. Best Writing, Original Story (Best Story) <br/>Underworld – Ben Hecht <br/>The Last Command – Lajos Biro <br/> <br/>* 8. Best Writing, Adapted Story (Best Adapted Screenplay) <br/>Seventh Heaven – Benjamin Glazer <br/>Glorious Betsy – Anthony Coldeway <br/>The Jazz Singer – Alfred A. Cohn <br/> <br/>* 9. Best Cinematography <br/>Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans – Charles Rosher and Karl Struss <br/>The Devil Dancer – George Barnes <br/>The Magic Flame – George Barnes <br/>Sadie Thompson – George Barnes <br/> <br/>* 10. Best Art Direction (Best Production Design) <br/>The Dove and Tempest – William Cameron Menzies <br/>Seventh Heaven – Harry Oliver <br/>Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans – Rochus Gliese <br/> <br/>* 11. Best Engineering Effects <br/>Wings – Roy Pomeroy <br/>(No specific film) – Ralph Hammeras <br/>(No specific film) – Nugent Slaughter <br/> <br/>* 12. Best Writing, Title Writing <br/>(No specific film) – Joseph Farnham <br/>(No specific film) – George Marion, Jr. <br/>The Private Life of Helen of Troy – Gerald Duffy <br/>