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By: tjbollocks

Bravo Two Zero was the call sign of an eight-man British Army SAS patrol, deployed into Iraq during the First Gulf War in January 1991. According to one patrol member's account, the patrol were given the task of "gathering intelligence;... finding a good LUP (lying up position) and setting up an OP [observation post]" on the Iraqi Main Supply Route (MSR) between Baghdad and North-Western Iraq, while according to another, the task was to find and destroy Iraqi Scud missile launchers along a 250 km (160 mi) stretch of the MSR. The patrol was the subject of several books. Accounts in the first two books, by patrol commander Andy McNab's Bravo Two Zero (1993) followed by Chris Ryan's The One That Got Away (1995), as well as those by the SAS's RSM at the time of the patrol, Peter Ratcliffe (Eye of the Storm, 2000), did not always correspond, leading to accusations from the media of lying. The investigative book The Real Bravo Two Zero (2002) by Michael Asher, followed the patrol route and interviewed witnesses. The subsequent book, Soldier Five by patrol member Mike Coburn (Kiwi Mike), was released in 2004. For McNab's conduct during the patrol, he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, whilst Ryan, and two other patrol members (Steven Lane and Robert Consiglio) were awarded the Military Medal.