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By: Padeia

40 min. or less No entry: The Bed Bug [], Belongings (Giselle Marie), Being Pretty (David James Armsby), Children‘s Toys (David James Armsby), Clickbait (Deric Nunez), Consent [], Cycles [], Delivery (Chris Ashton), Don‘t Feed the Freaks (David James Armsby), Elf on the Shelf [], Friendly Shadow (David James Armsby), Grin (Danny Donahue), Haunt (Glenn Zimmatore), Hell (David Firth), The Long Walk (Carlos Lenz), The Mask Maker (John Ross), Merry Madness (David James Armsby), Minion Ways to Die (Lee Hardcastle), Model Citizen (David James Armsby), No Monsters (David James Armsby), Ouiji (Azron Shai), Peek-a-Boo (J.P. Hoffman), The Rattler (Deric Nunez), The Scarecrow (2019 / John Graves, Alex Hunter, Josh Bullock), Snap Trap (Deric Nunez), The Spider and the Butterfly [], The Toothbrush [], Unknown Number (David Nguyen)